I absolutely love the reading ideas you shared so much! Agatha Christie sounds like a nice palate cleanser for my bookshelf full of too much non-fiction.

Your intro "because doing equals value in The Palace of the Overachievers" and "a large, expansive life is possible and my quiet life has taught me that I am happiest focusing on the small things, away from all that. One of those small things is living a rich and adventurous reading life." should be framed on a wall, btw. It might soon be framed on my wall to remind me of priorities and the need for sanity some days.

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As a librarian, I adore hearing about what people are reading. I also love a reading challenge. Please keep this up!

You might enjoy Kaleidoscope by Brian Selznick. It's a middle grade book that deals with the different parts of grief via very short stories accompanied by illustrations. It's very quiet and contemplative - I don't know how many kids will actually enjoy reading it, but I know I did.

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