Juniper Disco | The Mini No. 2

"Push away all human contact! Better safe than sorry! YAS!!! Let everyone else die of viruses, you’re gonna WIN!"

On Sunday night, our tiny little town announced a shelter in place order after two people were confirmed to have COVID-19. We all shop at the one grocery store in town, breathe the same air, touch the same things. Two people in a place this small, this remote, and this houses-on-top-of-houses dense is a huge deal. My whole outlook changed from elevated general anxiety to extreme I-think-I’m-going-to-throw-up fear.

All of us are being bombarded with constant messaging of “danger! danger! danger!” and then “here’s a reading list! learn Mandarin! write your novel! take these free classes! here’s a free concert! we’re releasing ALL our movies at once! all your money is gone! so is your job! but order this to save the world! and order this! and this! and this! and this! danger! danger! danger! achieve! achieve! achieve! stay inside! but go! go! GO!” Sigh … exhausting.

Because there is so much noise out there right now that I do not want to add to unless it’s of value (and the fact that I am feeling VERY cocoon-y right now), I’m not sure how frequently and in which format — the mini or the regular — I’ll post this newsletter in the coming weeks. I will show up in your inbox, though.

And for my fellow zebra people (you know: “when you hear hoofbeats look for horses not zebras.” Us zebra people always expect zebras.) I see you. I feel you. We’ve been stocking up and telling other people to stock up and begging them to stop going out — while enduring the dismissive comments and outright ridicule — for weeks longer than the horse people. It’s been a heavy carry. It’s ok to let down your vigilance and rest. Let the horse people hold the emotional space for awhile.

And to my fellow introverts whose safe spaces on the interwebs have been invaded by the extroverts going live every three seconds and posting content that’s disruptive to our carefully constructed online worlds, I suggest it’s time to go analog for awhile. (And maybe purchase noise-blocking earmuffs, as if you don’t already own three.)

And, everyone!, it is ok to just be. Just BE.

Finally, a promise from me: if I catch the coronavirus and have the opportunity, I will take one for the team and lick Trump’s face for all of us.

Here’s some stuff:

We can do this. Listen to the public health experts, the medical professionals, the scientists, the epidemiologists, the researchers. And if you need encouragement, definitely read “Jerry from Cheer Mat-Talks You Through the Coronavirus Outbreak.”


You got this!

Read the news! Believe it!! ANTIVIRAL!! 3.4%!!! INTIMIDATING MEDICAL TERMS!! SCARY NUMBERS!!! Girl, believe!!!”